Hello. I have built this website a million times, a million different ways. Still, I find, the story keeps changing. I can't pin down a single narrative. I can't build a straightforward website to tell a straightforward story. The story... eludes me. I'm not certain what it is.

What you are about to see are a series of "rooms." Each represents a different piece of me: a program I have built, an art project I have made, a class I have taught, a web project I have developed.

I know the rooms fit together. I don't yet know how. For now, at least, they are all just rooms... rooms that I love. I am glad for you to go wandering into them.


Advanced Web


Southeast Community College

Graphic Design Media Arts Program


July 2016 - Present




Web Design Tools

For the past year I have taught advanced web development at Southeast Community College (SCC). The students are a part of the rigorous, highly competitive Graphic Design Media Arts (GDMA) program, which has a job placement rate of 95%.

I taught Web 3 and 4, the final two web courses of the program. These courses centered around advanced web development techniques for placement, interactivity, and design. Together we explored javascript and jQuery, plugins like FullPage.js, smoothState, and jQuery UI, CSS animations, 3D transforms, html and css best practices, grid-based design, front-end frameworks, and even wordpress. Throughout all of this new coding learning, we worked hard at coming into our own design process, through the standard deliverables of sketches, moodboards, wireframes, style tiles, and mockups, as well as content-auditing and user research.

Teaching in this intense program, with highly talented, creative, determined minds was one of the greatest pleasures I’ve had. Learning things is hard. Learning highly technical things is harder. I believe firmly that in order to learn things, we must believe ourselves to be capable. I believe, and try to “sing” loudly in all of my classes that, the way we must approach learning is with playfulness and curiosity. I believe strongly in using front-end tools to make art (or, in the very least, silly, useful, playful things) so that we can bring our full selves to the task of figuring out the tools, and use our own ideas to test the limits of the tools, and really come to see what all we can do with them.

My classes involve a mixture of in-class coding exercises where I am the lead developer and everyone follows along to illustrate a new coding tool, out-of-class advanced exercises where students code a desktop mockup, and make their own design decisions for how to adapt and code for tablet and mobile, in-class critiques and work days. I am highly flexible and modify the tools we explore based on student needs and interest.