Hello. I have built this website a million times, a million different ways. Still, I find, the story keeps changing. I can't pin down a single narrative. I can't build a straightforward website to tell a straightforward story. The story... eludes me. I'm not certain what it is.

What you are about to see are a series of "rooms." Each represents a different piece of me: a program I have built, an art project I have made, a class I have taught, a web project I have developed.

I know the rooms fit together. I don't yet know how. For now, at least, they are all just rooms... rooms that I love. I am glad for you to go wandering into them.


Beginning Web


Midland University

Interface Code School


July 2016 - Present




Web Design Tools

I have taught beginning web development several times. I first began teaching it with Interface Code School, and continue teaching it with Midland University, at their Omaha campus.

Midland University

Midland U recently launched a code school at their Omaha Campus, under Micah Yost, a previous member of Interface Code School. The Midland Code School is a nine month intensive program focused on turning out frontend, entry level developers. Students take three courses, and I teach the first course, Web Development Foundations.

The course teaches individuals how to be independent, capable, strong web developers with an understanding and capacity to utilize the design process. Students learn to fully develop a website for a client, from conducting research and completing sketches and mockups, to developing a working, responsive website. Students also explore advanced topics in HTML and CSS, and become familiar with common tools that frontend developers utilize.

The primary goal of the course is for students to master HTML and CSS. Students demonstrate this with their ability to render a website identical to a mockup, with added consideration for responsivity and interactivity necessary for a live site. Although the course places a primary focus on development, students learn about and act as web designers as well. Students learn about the design process, and create wireframes, mockups, and even conduct research, before moving on to realize their design with code.

Interface Code School

I worked with Shonna Dorsey of Interface Code School to develop curriculum for, promote, and teach a series of month-long summer frontend summer development camps for middle and high school age youth.

The camps met for six hours every Saturday of the month, and we moved quickly from the basics of html/css to the advanced, including website design and user research. The end product of each camp was a website developed for a real client. We worked with Melissa Minniason of Brave Beauty Collective and a homelessness and drug addiction advocate and artist, Jeremiah Neal.