Hello. I have built this website a million times, a million different ways. Still, I find, the story keeps changing. I can't pin down a single narrative. I can't build a straightforward website to tell a straightforward story. The story... eludes me. I'm not certain what it is.

What you are about to see are a series of "rooms." Each represents a different piece of me: a program I have built, an art project I have made, a class I have taught, a web project I have developed.

I know the rooms fit together. I don't yet know how. For now, at least, they are all just rooms... rooms that I love. I am glad for you to go wandering into them.


The Crocodile


Natalie Dermann


Matthew Wegener

Raffet Velarde

Neighborhood Kids


Dec. 2015 - June 2016


Paper Mache

Bare Conductive Board

10 gallons house paint

Found objects

In December of 2015 I started working on a crocodile, that turned out to be a 45 foot long crocodile. The structure was made out of paper mache, chicken wire, and foam board. The exterior was coated with a generous heap of would-be trashed insulation, balloons, paper hats, and generous gobs of paint. The finger nails and teeth were made of foam core and glass, and used an arduino-based technology, Bare Conductive Board, so that on touch, they made sound.

The crocodile was undertook by myself, and worked on generously by Natalie Dermann and a swaddle of people who came to play during open crocodile hours.

The project was based entirely on an idea I had to build it, a recent fascination with crocodiles, and a desire to make things that didn’t fit into the mold of a technology maker group connected to MakeShift, a community maker space whose board I was on. The project ultimately helped me to gain a stronger belief in myself, and my ability to have an idea, and see it through to the end.