Hello. I have built this website a million times, a million different ways. Still, I find, the story keeps changing. I can't pin down a single narrative. I can't build a straightforward website to tell a straightforward story. The story... eludes me. I'm not certain what it is.

What you are about to see are a series of "rooms." Each represents a different piece of me: a program I have built, an art project I have made, a class I have taught, a web project I have developed.

I know the rooms fit together. I don't yet know how. For now, at least, they are all just rooms... rooms that I love. I am glad for you to go wandering into them.


Laser Shows


John Friedel

Ryan Moseman

Dawson Adams


Jan. 2017 - Present


Overhead Projector


Laser Projector


Javascript / frontend dev

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Coded Visualizations

Thanks in large part to my random exposure to a laser project in Tuscon in December 2016, I went ahead and got my own laser projector. Since, I’ve done 4 different laser shows, creating custom laser designs, and modifying existing ones with prisms and other light-modifying objects.

I have been doing lasershows both as an accompanyment to DJ dance sets, and to my friend and recording artist John Friedel's sets. The shows take place at different music venues in downtown Lincoln. At each show, I test out different technologies, and experiment with layering and other manipulations to achieve 'exciting' visual results. I use web technology that responds to sound input, as well as physical techniques to create an alive-seeming experience.