Hello. I have built this website a million times, a million different ways. Still, I find, the story keeps changing. I can't pin down a single narrative. I can't build a straightforward website to tell a straightforward story. The story... eludes me. I'm not certain what it is.

What you are about to see are a series of "rooms." Each represents a different piece of me: a program I have built, an art project I have made, a class I have taught, a web project I have developed.

I know the rooms fit together. I don't yet know how. For now, at least, they are all just rooms... rooms that I love. I am glad for you to go wandering into them.


Toad Heart


Nebraska by Heart


Dec. 2016 - May 2017





Found objects

The Toad Heart was created as a part of the Nebraska by Heart public art exhibit across the city of Lincoln.

The idea for the toad came both from the heart’s resemblance to a toad, and my liking of the connection between the toad and the crocodile projects. I envisioned the toad to be covered in more sustainable trash than the crocodile was. I wanted her to girlish, and also a bit grotesque. I wanted her to feel like me. I take parts of me that are deep, and darling, and disgusting, and make lightness with them.

The ultimate result is a toad whose skin is made with hand-crafted plastic warts set with flowers and leaves, plastic barbie shoes and purses, shattered mirror, glass orbs, copper leaves. Her eyes were made with plastic crystals and fake flower parts, cast in plastic. Her structure was created by adding the fiberglass toad structure to the existing fiberglass heart.