Gretchen Larsen is a designer and educator who lives and works in Nebraska. She works primarily in sculpture, creative code, and education research.

She teaches, designs curriculum, and researches Creative Coding at the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Art at UNL.

She is a PhD candidate in Innovative Learning Technologies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL), where she also received her MFA in Sculpture and Emerging Media. 

On weekends she does light installations.

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Artist Statement

“In my creative practice I climb down the ladder, put the glass slipper on my own foot, and build the ball for myself (and everyone I know). What I mean is, instead of waiting for the prince and his kingdom to come, I have learned to pursue my own dreams.

I do this by dreaming up and building objects using a mixture of traditional and new media. I work with wood, acrylic, LEDs, microcontrollers, lamp parts, and other materials including fabric and projectors. I create, live with, and create againobjects of my own design. The objects I create are in the pursuit of my questions and interests.”

February 2024
designer & educator

— Sculpture and Installation
— Creative Code Research